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Taking Care of Elderly Loved Ones

Living with Your Family

Having a loved one move in with you is a common arrangement. In fact, over one-third of seniors who need help with general activities of daily living reside with their children. This option is not without its challenges. Changes in the daily routine and habits for both you and your loved one may be quite drastic.

Questions to Ask Yourself and Those You Live with Before Your Loved One Moves In

  • Do you really want your loved one to move in? Have you asked your spouse or roommate and family? Has everyone been honest with you?
  • What help will your loved one require? Do you have the time, and will the rest of the family be able and willing to help?
  • This will require personal sacrifice. Is everyone prepared?
  • What help do you expect from your loved one (light cleaning, cooking, babysitting)? Is this reasonable?
  • Will you be able to respect his or her privacy and independence?
  • Is everybody prepared to live in a home that is modified for a senior? Can you afford these additional expenses?
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